Friday, 23 July 2010


Found these specimens deep in the gut of a file stored in the laptop. They are the only record I have of the sketchbook that was lost on Saturday February 13th 2010 somewhere maybe possibly Sutton Surrey. I have often said how I don't use  sketchbooks, there is always the fact that they become such a precious object in themselves and you can become crippled by their demands. Originally this book was bought to take with me on a trip to South Korea in 2006. It features a lot of material and memories from that trip and kick started me to using and enjoying the practice of carrying a sketchbook. So it's a kind of poetic justice that it did become a precious item and I lost it. In these examples I can see the nervous mediocre attempt of the first sketch- but my confidence growing through the next four. The artist Louise Bourgeois said something like 'when a spiders web is destroyed ......the spider spins another web. Must buy another sketchbook soon. In the unlikely event anyone should happen to come across the lost Hughes book of sketches I offer a financial reward and a bottle of Monkey Shoulder.

Monday, 12 July 2010


Another day another illustration frustration I think I've lost the art of it. I read - they read we beg to differ the editor and the plumber.  I must learn to draw it better I must pay attention in class.No penis please remove the penis. I am a prick. Must keep my pecker up. Waiting on another decision.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010