Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sketchy-I SAW WARSAW: via LEGNICA Part:2 First part

Had a complaint about the unreadability of the first 6 sketches they wouldn't enlarge on clicking I know very frustrating don't ask why I don't know. Anyhow I am sticking them on a separate posting here for anyone who might be interested in my blog in pencil, hopefully they will expand on clicking your mice.My trip to Satyrykon in Legnica and then onto Warsaw at minus 15 degrees where the beard developed chunks of ice within minutes of stepping out into the street was a good one. Satyrykon is an illustration/art competition which began I believe about 34 years ago in Legnica (during Marshall Law - under Russian noses) with a feast of fish in jelly to celebrate, the diet has expanded greatly since but unfortunately this year's entries in my modest opinion didn't come up to the standards of the menu. Maybe I might enter next year. A solid gold key apparently is one of the incentives.Legnica holds a festival in June to celebrate the art of the satirical drawing, a wonderful excuse for a party.