Friday, 8 June 2012

Dymchurch Steam:

Open House: Welcome to come and have a look. He said he had lived there since the last century. Well he would say that. His father lived there. His father was a headmaster. It was an expensive place to live. He was working in the 'little studio'. The little oil paintings were mediocre. Cosy. He had two Jack Russells. He admired Dexter's posture. The paintings were for sale. I didn't buy.I liked the Nuclear Power Station. The redundant hum didn't register straight away. The pylons marching back home in an orderly procession.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

96 Comments! HEADLAND.

Serious. This blog site makes me laugh. 96 comments. I mean I love John Cuneo's art. 96 comments. Intermission. The ice cream girls will be coming round shortly. Or alternatively enjoy a delicious hot-dog in the foyer. Need to get out more. Saw Mumford and Sons last Thursday in Folkestone in Kent at The Leas Cliff Pavilion. One of the best live shows in my history. Very hot. Very boisterous. Very good. I can only name one of their songs. Winter Winds? But they were very impressive. Their mum's must be so proud. I can only remember the first line of a song. Can't play a banjo. Failed at the piano. So I went and knocked at the door of Prospect Cottage, Dungeness. No one home. Respect the neighbours. Please don't look through the windows.  Pretty garden. Dexter was at my side. Dungeness is a headland on the coast of Kent, England, formed largely of a shingle beach in the form of a cuspate foreland.  I've been out and about. Reflecting the bleak, windswept landscape of the peninsula, Derek Jarman's garden is made of pebbles, driftwood, scrap metal and a few hardy plants. A book, Derek Jarman's Garden, is availableAfter the show how about trying a delicious meal at the Vindohon Tandoori in the high street just 5 minutes walk from this establishment.I ate a Chinese. 
Saturday:Taken for a treat. Lunched at Rocksalt Restaurant. Very tall waitresses. Very thin. Very thin skinned stretched across their frames. They obviously don't eat the chips. Be wonderful to draw. Red Arrows fly past. What's it all about? 96 comments. Remaining under observation.