Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Hughes and The wood engraving genius John Lawrence.
Photo: Chris Draper.

Snap: Lily Richards. Dog: Flossy a Parsons Jack Russell (a Dexter wannabe) reads Walking The Dog.

Random History: Archives - Chaotic & damp; Lost / forgotten drawings   


  1. Hi David. You've brightened an otherwise dull weekend. I'm familiar with some of your work from the past but had no idea how much brilliant draughtsmanship was buried in the archives. Forget the label 'illustration': this is art of the highest order. (Nicholas Serota: are you reading this?)I'm sure this is only the tip of the iceberg & there is much more to recover & reveal to those who love to look & look again at your pictures. There is so much in them to discover. Brilliant & beautiful. Thank you & carry on the good work!

  2. Hello David

    think the same as Brian above - your drawing is amazing - I'd like to get back into doing sometoo (even though I'll never be as good as you) - got any tips?