Tuesday, 5 April 2011

W A T E R C O L O U R:Red Cat Draws Blood:

Start with the eye: When in doubt draw a cat. I once liked cats, I lived with a black and white cat for 16 years, he became my muse. When you have no idea when your brain is empty, or it thinks it is. Create tension. This is a fairly large watercolour. Probably the first watercolour painted in over six years. Inspired by another red cat by another artist like a tennis match, I think this one went into the net. I also attempted a blue cat but I failed. It was dangerously cartoon like it crossed the fine feline I wanted the cat to be sexy to be dark to be mysterious to be ............it was feeble. It was drawn on very expensive heavy paper. I obliterated it with two coats of gesso. 


  1. when in doubt i agree that you should always draw a cat. i think you might've won the tennis match. let me know if you do a print/want to flog the real one. wouuld love to see blue cat! Jx

  2. The real one is in a drawer no point being stuck in a drawer I'll be in touch. Might even make it to Brighton on Saturday