Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fish of Fukushima -Wish you were here..........

First postcard drawing: Did this lot fetch a decent price? Was it a bargain? Did the auctioneer give it a good hammering. Did he bang his gavel? Does the bidder keep tropical fish? This morning, weather a bit wet, a bit windy. Dog a bit damp. So you punch your victim's mobile number and if it goes to answerphone you punch 191 and you can hack them, you can listen to their messages? Simple is it really that simple or did I miss hear? I am deaf. That's how you retrieve your own messages......am I thick? He did mumble. It makes you concentrate. It's getting depressing more and more of my acquaintances, friends even are reaching the sixty year mark. Still that bodyboarder had both legs bitten off by a Great White that's worse.

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