Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Five minutes.

Holt.A twee small town in the county of Norfolk. Stuffed with estate agents. Stuffed with craft shops. Stuffed full of grandparents with children looking to pass the time in search of gift wrapped Giclee prints of oil paintings on canvas, signed HARRIS. Didn't hang about.

Hotel de Paris, Cromer. Norfolk. Rain. Regular Haddock and Chips. Irregular thoughts. Save The Cromer Crab. Caught a bit of BBC Radio 4 documentary on 70 years of Classic Comics. Moby Dick. Treasure Island.  The Iliad. Didn't hear all of it-found a parking space. Time was tight.
Dexter had a haircut. He's up for anything now.
Going for a pow-wow, for a pint at The Dove to smoke the peace..  


  1. R-e-a-l-l-y-?
    It was a sketch on the rebound that The New Yorker didn't appreciate, in fact it wasn't even mentioned in passing, but I think it made them think again after rejecting the first option.