Thursday, 3 November 2011



  1. That drawing floors me.
    Dexter Dog's colours match so well with the moth and the drawing.

  2. I should be producing more drawings in this vein. I need to find some moths to the flame - Icarus with a lump of charcoal.

  3. I have just returned from the visual feast that is The Plum Tree (tumblr?) I am stuffed. I am stunned. And surprised to find you have been scrumping from Flogs The Dog. For once I am honoured. Rubbing shoulders with the Masters. Your generous comment on a Fukushima Fish drawing 'floored me'. Some of your selections attract a thousand comments or more (I think my maximum is 7) My blog in comparison is a stream of grit. I think I'll pour a drink to another lost day, The Plum Tree and this is the only creative achievement today.

  4. I came here to cautiously suggest one of Dexter's big toothed, hairy women as a model when I find David Hughes himself has been enthusiastically rummaging through The Plum Tree...
    But your drawings are inspirational Mr. Hughes, those ferocious lines! And the writing! Those agonies of an illustrator... those strange journeys to Poland...
    Yours is one blog whose posts I wait for.

    ps: The pic with over 1000 comments is a picture I shot some time ago which went berserk over the net. It frightens me and I try not to think about it.