Sunday, 29 January 2012

C A P S:

Lakeland? Getting warmer. Lesser Spotted Terrier! The penny dropped normal hearing went up 2 dozen notches I worked out the scrambled verbal ball bearings spilling from my new lady friend's mouth her tongue was practically licking my ear drum to clear the deafness. Are you a Professor? A Professor. A Professor....I disappointed my sweet lubricated bar room girl friend. I hold no qualifications of the academic kind I am unemployed at present 'resting' between assignments. Her eyes expanded. "Assignments?" Secret. I whispered There was a maximum break the man with the snooker cue fixed in his fist was waiting for his answer, his friend knew three dogs that had died the previous week How come you live here? You don't live in New York then? - Ask me what I do...she said.

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