Wednesday, 17 October 2012

P A R I S H N E W S....


  1. This freaked me out...My cat is 12 years old and his name is Boris...(named after my granny's minor bird Boris.) The cat doesn't swear like the bird did.

  2. Maybe we live in the same neighbourhood. Maybe we shop at the same Post Office. There's a minor bird at the D I Y store.

  3. This is gorgeous!
    Hope nothing nasty happens to old Boris...

    1. This morning: Three peacocks-what does that symbolise? A huge bird of prey taking flight from a ploughed brown field. Wingspan as wide as the Vitruvian Man circa 1487. Have I stumbled into the frames of a Rupert Bear Adventure? No sign of the 'gorgeous' cat Boris. Ruchi, lovely to have contact - I'll keep you posted as to the fate of Boris.