Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Circa 1986:  Jeanette Collins at The Illustrated London News Magazine commissioned this piece about some film featuring Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins, I just wanted to draw Bob Hoskins. I think it shows - this drawing got me my first picture book for children.  It was in my portfolio when I made an appointment to see Walker Books later the same year. Amelia Edwards (Creative Director and founder of Walker)was a huge fan of Hoskins, well there were some cat illustrations as well. Six months later Amelia sent me the text for Jan Mark's Strat and Chatto which was published in 1989. 

Sad news about Bob Hoskins today. Some great films, The Long Good Friday for one. And the never to be forgotten BBC television series, Dennis Potter's 'Pennies From Heaven'. Which featured some amazing opening title illustrations designed by my old college friend Bob Cosford. 


  1. Great portrait, Mr. Hughes. 'The Long Good Friday' was a real eye-opener for me. I saw it twice in one week at a theater around the corner. While I remember Potter's 'The Singing Detective', I haven't seen 'Pennies From Heaven'. Sounds like a decent reason to drag my sorry self through another week.

    1. Pennies From Heaven might appear dated these days but at the time (1978) it was high quality, intelligent television drama.