Tuesday, 24 June 2014


The wood pigeons are persistent that's for certain re building the nest in the wisteria every day building everyday demolishing every day. Stupid or what? Go somewhere else yes I live in a house with wisteria growing up it. What is the average length of duration of producing a so called graphic novel? Three years? A fb friend shows an example of his graphic novel  to his fb friends seeking advice seeking comments after three years and still drawing still colouring in. Why do we do it? Is this it? Is that all there is........... What's in this cup of Peggy Lee? 

This is a picture from Juvenal. The Sixteen Satires. Juvenal is not a graphic novel. It is a boxed book by the Folio Society. I got a box in the post last week containing 5 copies. I experienced nothing when I saw the printed version. Nothing. One glance one flick through before closing. The book is contained within it's own black box. Black sleeve. Gold leaf lettering. All the grief from October to February rejection after rejection. Those gentle subtle beige like colours, so polite. Encouragement and encouragement from the art director. Art director needs a medal . Needs a slap. I need a slap. My protests my bleating. Can't I draw Clockwork Orange? I want to draw A Clockwork Orange. Why don't you then? Draw A Clockwork Orange. I started it once. The estate of Anthony Burgess liked my start. Others did not. Others had their opinion. Their sayso. The No's won. It was abandoned. Oranges aren't the only fruit hahahahahahuh - there's more than one way to skin a rabbit. What a fuss. All meat eaters should be made to skin a rabbit. Gut and pluck a pheasant. Stare into the eyes of a condemned pig. 

So they asked for a few words some thoughts about Juvenal. Simon Callow wrote the introduction. Ask him not me. I just draw to order. But I can't even do that draw to order. Juvenal was written in AD94. Aubrey Beardsley illustrated it over a hundred years ago. Something's telling me my time is up. Come in number 16. Your time is up. You've dropped a paddle. You are going round in circles. Come in, it's getting dark. Ink, it's in my blood. Well there's a 6H length of pencil lead embedded in my third finger left hand since 1984. Didn't half hurt. That's it.


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    1. Yeah - damn wood pigeons........country living who needs it? Yesterday the local farmer knocked down a telegraph pole. Power cut lasted nine hours. Still it was nice to meet up with the neighbours in the lane and exchange opinions. I suggested forming a posse and lynching the bastard. That caused some raised eyebrows and suppressed chuckles......I am not alone. You are so right.

  2. First the hornet and now the pigeons. The animals are circling for you...

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    1. You do? I shall carry on then.....thank you.