Friday, 3 October 2014


Old newspaper used to insulate the minor bird cage. Got an air mail letter from California today. Rare thing to have the pleasure of receiving a hand written letter, the date and everything. There were three stamps illustrated with birds on. A Mountain Bluebird, a Western Tanager and a Painted Bunting.  I painted a budgerigar once. 
In the corner of the stamps were the words 'forever U S A'.


  1. the cover by Barron Storey would have been a nice addition to this evolution of the book jacket

  2. Maybe. The selection is writer Peter Conrad'schoice, and having checked out Storey's version, it's a bit unfashionable, it's a bit Mills and Boon......sorry for the slow response been busy chopping wood, needling splinters out of my flesh.

  3. Have you seen the Lord of the Flies images by Kent Williams for Criterion?

    1. I've been absent lately. No I haven't seen the Kent Williams images. Yes I have now. Very good. Theatrical.