Monday, 1 December 2014

D I Y. Magic at home.

Unwanted. Encased in a frame. Past catches up. 1988? 1989? 1990 sometime in the distant at Hamiltons Gallery, London a one word theme sponsored by tobacco - Benson and Hedges cigarettes....... can't smoke in the park these days. Drawing done the morning of the deadline I seem to remember, in a rush just so I could be judged. Didn't get a prize but got hung on a swanky gallery wall. Private View. As many cigarettes as you could smoke washed down with fizzy plonk. Dog end days. The one word theme was Magic. This is not illustrating magic it's a trick, a sleight of hand. It's domestic, it's morbid. It's been propped up in a small room in Teddington for over twenty years I've just excavated the mould from it's frame. He didn't want it, he's having a clear out. Sign of the times. And a signed poster. Jettisoned. It's come home to clutter up my room. To rot.

There's a theme, there's a thread. Up on the couch sunshine.


  1. Approved! (I approve of all of your work that I've seen, but this one is enhanced by having a little mould in its past.)

  2. What can I say? Stuck with pen and ink I've hardly progressed in 20 odd years. Except with a scanner and digital fiddling. Fat chance of mould bubbling up to the surface on recent 'masterpieces' (I'm being ironic in the use of the word masterpiece of course.) Being ironic in print has been a large slab of my downfall.......but thank you Mister Criley for your approval. In olden days in England that was a threat if my behaviour was teetering on the edge of criminal I might end up in an Approved School or worse, Borstal.