Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Title page 1:  Sketch. Proofs sitting on the scar faced desk top of an unemployed commercial artist for hire. The Pillbox. A 'graphic novel' to be published this August by Jonathan Cape/Vintage.
Practice makes perfect, as the piano teacher used to point out with her sharp yellow pencil with a rubber tip.

Yesterday on a sunny day I painted two large panels of garden trellis - my paint brush dipping and dabbing took four hours. A buzzard circled and swooped high overhead. Today it is cooler. One more panel. I have cramp in my right thumb.  


  1. Hilarious one. you are doing a great work, i really love it Adopt a dog

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  3. Hi Mr. Hughes, just wanted to tell you that I saw your work today when I opened a page of The Baffler in a shop in downtown Toronto. It was striking, a superb drawing and a pleasure to look at.

    1. Much appreciated Priya. Well it was based on a photo. Attending a festival? Living there? On a world tour?

  4. Oh I live here in Toronto now Mr. Hughes. Barely survived a winter in Montreal and crawled over to Toronto, nearly getting killed by the price of everything here so will probably move back to Bangalore...