Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hi David:

Spot looks great. Would like more focus on the megaphone for the opener. Anyway to make this more dynamic? 

I got feedback form the design director for you. He is concerned that

these are feeling a bit dark. Is there anything to be done to lighten

the spirit of these? I think you should try infusing more humour in

them. Although I like having a woman and I definitely think we need

women for diversity maybe Maria's quote is too dark and sensitive for

the DD.

Hi David, Actually we have opted to art this differently. Thank for trying to take on this impossible task. Hope we will work together again soon.


  1. It's a mad world... a stock photo world on the loose... what's happening out there?? voices stifled. mad!... sad.

  2. A crazy world and scary! Nothing should be "dark", nothing ambiguous, while happy and light. The editorial world would be the ideal world and the Design Directors would be their prophets?

  3. Next time try to add rainbows and flowers !