Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wilder Shores of Love

This postcard delivered by Royal Mail. A postcard from a friend. Brian. Not so usual these days. To get something in the post, personal signature and a message. Much appreciated better than a bank statement or junk mail selling insurance. Nowadays it's a facebook thumbs up or an email. Brian's message was handwritten with a fountain pen. Cy Twombly died last week. An artist I don't know much about in fact I know damn all about him.  Now he's dead I'll begin to appreciate him. Roy Orbison. Marvin Gaye. Arthur Worsley. I think I remember reading somewhere that Paul McCartney  owned a Cy Twombly. I like the name Harper as well. Cy whats that short for? Resignation? 
Brian tells me it is impossible to post a comment on this bleedin' blog Flogging the dog he says it's more like floggin' a dead bleedin' horse......anyone else having the same problem because I don't appear to get much reaction but maybe that is because of the dull nature of my waste. I do feel like knocking this on the head.


  1. Please keep posting David this is by far the best blog I have read. Honestly. 90 followers can't be wrong! Maybe they're shy?
    I went to see the Twombly show at the Tate in 08. I bought a Twombly tote bag and it looked like had slaughtered someone.
    Cy did beautiful graffiti?

  2. Don't stop... disconnected mutterings and beautiful drawing are what this World needs!

  3. Don't think I can stop it has become compulsive. What this world needs is a damn good drink. By the way Steve will you be at Mr. Thomas's Chop House tonight? If so stick a letter X in the centre of Mr. Casey's back for me. Cheers.

  4. Yes...This must never be stopped...please..your writing is funny and your drawings are fantastic work of art!!!!!..I have just found this Blog and its one of the best I have ever seen..I don't want it to end! (everyone has to put you on their blogroll...I did and it was totally painless)...I hope it helps.