Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hearts One.

Edinburgh street sketcher 1990. So as well as the scrap paper sketch pad I began to fill, I progressed to the larger scale stuff. A selection of which I've found and spent too long scanning the damn stuff to post on this blog...anyway,

I got bored drawing the statue when I was interrupted by 

 this character asking for spare change, well at least that's what I thought he said. I remember him swaying under the influence and getting impatient with how long the drawing was taking, I was paying him the minimum wage probably. Looking at it now it's dangerously close to a self portrait.......

I remember thinking how difficult it was drawing the castle with my puny pen and ink, and my feeble effort  needed a subject to illustrate the scale of the view. There was a group of teenage school kids joking around just along from me and I struck up a conversation with a couple of them, and I convinced one to pose for me for five minutes. I imagine I was considered suspect. A perv. I showed them my previous efforts and Sally volunteered to be drawn. Twenty four years later I am exhibiting Sally's portrait on the net, no one's safe....wonder where she is now? How have the intervening years treated her. Did she vote YES? Did she draw a cross next to NO? 

Perfect models. Better than statues. 

Short lived reportage artist career. It's a matter of being obsessed,  driven, putting yourself out on a limb and taking risks - getting out of the house and not waiting for the invite.


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    1. Hello Ruchi, rumour has it that you are currently showing off your wonderful artwork in Edinburgh. I love Edinburgh and it gladdens my heart that you love this post. I love this post but it represents missed opportunities and illustrates my lack of courage (feeble) and lazyness...........