Friday, 19 September 2014

Hibs One.

In the olden days. Handmade sketchbook from scraps. An attempt to be a 'reportage artist'......a selection. Two days on the road for Conde Naste Traveller magazine. Did I really use a dip pen and dip dip dip it in the ink in public. I did. Better than sat at a desk. Better than any camera. Don't know if  the magazine ever published any, I did about 30 drawings for them to choose from. Different today.


  1. Great stuff! I'd love to see more of your reportage drawings.

    It's a shame that clients don't hire this kind of work more often.

    1. Thank you Daniel. I am a coward, not too many 'reportage' type drawings in my locker. It's a practice that ought to be practised every day. Too busy surviving in other pursuits.