Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Pillbox:1,885,791 in the amazon bestseller chart.

Hot off the press, there's a cliche, hot on the desk, anyway two copies of the book delivered today. It looks pretty damn fine and  it smells good too. I get nervous. I opened the parcel in a state of mild anxiety. As the originator it takes getting used to the final product, it takes time to come to terms with it's finish. The Pillbox a comic book a graphic novella will be published by Jonathan Cape/Vintage Books on 2nd July.


  1. Well done David. All that blood (well, ink), toil, tears and sweat. Will order one today - then you can sign it. Cheers!

  2. PS....From my local bookshop, not Amazon.

    1. Nice one dear. Support your pal and support your local bookshop in one swift, simple move. B sends her love. Cheers! I'm on the Pimms - dreadfully twee I know but it's my own recipe and it is beginning to take effect.