Sunday, 24 May 2015

Joe Ciardiello's Dylan.... a mature controlled drawing of genius.

The Hughes is a sketch. Beside I'm too lazy to do an up to date model.

and then there's John Cuneo's take on the legendary minstrel, antique collecting with the bard of Kingston Upon Hull, Philip Larkin. They fuck you up, these illustrators........
Perhaps there should be an illustrated 75th birthday tribute book to Dylan next year. 

And here's another. This is by Gary Wing. 

and another, from the late 80s, drawn by yours truly for the Observer newspaper. Big charcoal face.


  1. David...I was hoping, hoping you would do a post about Dylan...hope he has many more good years and songs left to go.

  2. Thanks for this David. Mr Cuneo as cryptic as Bob himself. What does it mean? I'm enjoying trying to figure it out.