Sunday, 7 June 2015

D E X T E R.

Dexter and author Audrey Niffenegger and journalist Rachel Cooke.

May 16 9.30am. Beautiful sparkly spring sunshine. Dexter trotting up the lane. Heading down the lane towards us the old lady cyclist in full polyester zip up outfit on a razor thin drop handle bar framed bike, she slows down. Dexter directly in line continues his chosen path until at the last moment he checks his route in surprise, it's amusing it's pathetic it's sad. The stationary cycle blocking his path, the old woman cyclist uttered some sweet greeting to him but he just continued on his way.

Earlier Dexter catching me up, sprinting like a puppy through the long grass - it is the season of the tic. It is the season of the spiked grass shoots that can blind a dog. In Dexter's case it hardly matters as he nears us he flinches suddenly and dodges to avoid an imaginary obstacle................he dodges his own shadow...............

That was written just over a year ago. Over the last week or so Dexter's eyes have almost clouded over completely, his hearing is shot. Becoming ever more insecure and staying close to me Dexter is more than ever my shadow.

Thursday the sun was out the temperature finally nudged it's way to resembling a summer's day we went for a walk. I wasn't to know, it was Dexter's final 'walk'.

Dexter died in Stowmarket, Suffolk at ten past three on Saturday 6th June 2015 on another fine summer's day. 

I was privileged to have known such a dog as Dexter. Long Live my Fox Terrier! I cry as I type. This is too difficult.

DEXTER: (Sarendon Texas Ranger) 
Born 16th November 2001 - Died 6th June 2015.


  1. My heart is broken. Our dog died last year and I can imagine how you feel. Dexter is immortalised in Walking the Dog. I'll re-read it in tribute.

    1. Thank you Michael for your kind thoughts. I don't think Walking the Dog is good for your health.......

  2. I am back in India today, when I clicked on your blog I never expected to read this. I am so sorry Mr. Hughes.

    1. Thank you pRiyA - it was unexpected.......

  3. A bit late, but so sorry to learn of Dexter's passing. I'm sure he leaves a huge terrier-shaped hole in your heart. I was re-reading "Walking the Dog" the other day and was reminded of our meeting on Brighton beach, with Dexter and Watson. With love, Jackie