Saturday, 11 February 2012

The English Difference

I should have spent the last 3 hours drawing some wine tasting characters but I've been totally sucked into designer Mike Dempsey's blog which was mentioned in the current issue of Varoom. Dempsey was commenting on the dismal design in recent years of the Radio Times and other magazines that once were held up as examples of great editorial design and content. I'm hooked. Check the site out there's some classic examples of illustration dotted throughout as well as Dempsey's excellent film reviews and stacks of other design and architecturally related material.
The English Difference was published in 1974 and Dempsey writes about the influence of author John Gorham and other artists featured in it's pages. The book was heavily thumbed in those days by yours truly and was a source of inspiration. Nowadays it's in a bookcase gathering dust. Cover artwork by Tony Meeuwissen.


  1. God save me from Mike Dempsey's blog, it is 12.42pm and I am still looking...
    Happy Valentine's Day Mr. Hughes.

  2. I wonder what brand of kettle Mister Dempsey boils his water in?

    And I woke up feeling like a black dog had thrust it's front paw down my're all heart pRiyA - I've skipped a beat.