Friday, 17 February 2012

A week's a lifetime I missed Poland.

I've let it slip. The snow has melted. The ice thawed. Dory Previn passed away. Didn't realise she was as old as 86! A friend of mine also died this week. And I've been swallowing night nurse day nurse. So before I loose my grip I just want to add that 8 days ago I witnessed a vibrant Cambridge MA childrens picture book exhibition at Foyles Bookshop London, which is also now history. It will resurrect at The Ruskin Gallery next week I think. An impressive and enthusiastic speech by Walker Books Deidre McDermott and Ben Norland prior to the awarding of the inaugural Sebastian Walker Prize, promoting humour as the vital ingredient within the mix. Among the faces attending were Geoff Grandfield, Penny Holroyd, David Lloyd, Rod Hunt, various publishers and vultures and let the feeding frenzy begin.

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