Friday, 24 February 2012

Boy on a bronze rocking horse.

Sat in my studio. Music. Birds. Dog asleep. Dog scratching. Scratching my head. Avoiding stuff. Editorial job driving me nuts. Drive to Folkestone and back. Back at the desk I draw stuff. And as I attempt the feeble drawing of Marie Colvin based on a Sheila Masson photo in yesterday's Guardian - the computer throws up the ironic soundtrack as I am inking the final pathetic marks What A Wonderful World followed by Walk On The Wildside..........War artist? Blubber artist. Soft boiled artist soft boiled doodler nothing else, all pen and no ink.


  1. Thats not feeble..its a worthy tribute IMO..RIP Marie Colvin..Not an easy desk job.

  2. Much appreciated Mister MacGregor. Just that I am a lazy self deluded contented discontent. Should shake myself down and cliched hackneyed get out of my comfort zone. Reportage. Draw the truth. I'll just go an' make a cup of coffee. Long live the Colvins of this world

  3. Nice drawing - from the photographer herself (who originally trained to be an illustrator).

    Ms. Colvin was an inspirational woman and was quite intimidating to photograph. It was strange to have my photograph run in multiple national newspapers under the most awful circumstances.

    All the best,
    Sheila Masson

  4. You just don't know who's watching. My mug of tea taste's a little sweeter this morning. Thank you Sheila Masson for taking the time. I regret not 'doing' a better job but I think the sentiment registers. If you 'trained' as an illustrator I understand why you switched to photography. I'm contemplating driving a dust cart.