Wednesday, 29 February 2012

GAME: Extra Time.

Two Minute Garden Observation 7.45am:2 moorhens, 2 wood pigeons. 9.30am:One hour walk. Pale grey sky. Still. Damp. Quiet. Tractor spraying chemicals in an Eric Ravilious field. Rabbit carcass hanging in a tree. Dog shit liberally decorates the lane. Syria bombs it's own people. The Hunt exercise 71 hounds. The Whipper-In operates with three Lurchers.I complain I have a history. They ignore me I am a Townie. I've lived here seven years. I watched My Dog Tulip on the laptop yesterday evening. That too focusses on dog shit. The author's Alsatian and it's defecating. Tulip's menstrual cycle. J.R.Ackerley's obsession and intimate relationship narrated by Christopher Plummer. The animation in places was beautiful, I was coiled in envy at fleeting moments when it touched spasmodic heights of masterful genius and then dipped back to the average. The shapes of the humans the balance of the relationship with the landscape, townscape, the interior detail, the period feel, the colour, the tones and the segments of simple but hilarious 'notebook' sequences. But the human character's features were sloppy too loose not defined enough for my taste. Bestiality? God knows what kind of success in terms of viewing figures and income it made.I drifted in and out of dreamland as the Mac toasted my lap.I guess ultimately I found it boring, despite the inventive and free animation of Paul and Sandra Fierlinger.....despite the manic irritating musical soundtrack.

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