Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Keeping your pencil sharp:

It was me. I said don't use a pencil sharpener. Use a scalpel. It does become a problem at airports nowadays. At the check -In. I say but the blades are separate from the handle. At the X-Ray machine conveyor belt in my bare feet and belt-less trousers, braces optional, aftershave in a see through bag. I say but the blades are separate from the handle, it's the tool of my trade. Vital for my craft. So they say OK. And I board their craft for a flight for the other side of the world. Meanwhile tweezers are confiscated.
I do confess that I have grown accustomed to a little metal pencil sharpener that I purchased in a Warsaw art shop in February 2011. Must be my age.


  1. A most mysterious effort, Mr H. Two pieces of paper. Part of a giant cat. Should I read anything into this or just accept that the title says it all?

  2. You can read what you want into this, but it is still on one sheet of paper.