Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lee Ford asks for my working drawing practice statement - Part 2
This morning, this bright shiny morning looking out the window across the farmer's ploughed field I spy a buzzard going about it's life flying backwards and forwards between two trees. I'm not very good at trees. I don't very often draw trees I don't paint them. Don't climb them. David Hockney would appreciate this copse. He'd study this section of the field. Observe the seasons. They are not Horse Chestnut. Not Oak. Not Plain. Could be Ash. But I am certain it is a buzzard. It is a bird of prey. It is twice the size of the largest crow. It is not a heron. It has a dark topside and a mainly white undercarriage. It sweeps the sky. I watch for about five minutes. I am honoured. It is a rare this neck of the woods.

I email some images to illustrator Lee Ford, very good illustrator and graphic designer(name checked and mentioned in an earlier posting and the most hit upon posting on this Dog Blog)......for his exhibition of designer and artist's 'working drawings'at The London Gallery West 23 March - 6 May 2012 featuring Henrik Drescher, Alan Fletcher, Abram Games, Ken Garland, Milton Glaser, Saul Steinberg to name a few.

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