Sunday, 25 March 2012


Preston. To talk. Stuttering. Stammering across a memory stick. A studio stuffed full of the new guard. The bold and the brave. A genius in every other row. On my return - The dog gave me a half hearted reception. It wasn't interested in my other life. It didn't want to listen. It wanted to go for a walk. He's affected deafness. I am full. Stuffed with inspiration. Must pin it down. Time for work. My head loaded. Affect amnesia. I've been to the river and I've swam to the other side.............upstream and against the tide. Cheer leaders and connoisseurs: Steve Wilkin. Andy Bainbridge. Ben Casey. Fiona Candy. Tommy Shaughnessy. Steve Royle. Rob Ball. Peter who was 50 yesterday. Ghosts. Port and Brandy. For starters. And three modest sketches on the Frankie Laine. Admit One. Tickets Please. Front two carriages only.
'You seem to have a lot of anger in you?'
It's an act.


  1. No rant about the fare, David? How did you manage the byzantine intricacies of the timetable? Renationalise the railways! Back to the old company names & liveries! Back to brown leather sashcords, smoking-allowed carriages, luggage racks from netting & doors that you could open when the train was still moving! Bring back the romance of British Railways!

  2. Rant? OK...Re- nationalise the railways. Bring back the light bulb to sling out the sliding window. Netting luggage racks to sit in and converse with your fellow traveller. Mini posters of Weymouth and Bexhill On Sea. Proper uniforms and cardboard tickets. Trains that arrive on time. Sound like a couple of train spotters. Can't rant I need a nap.