Saturday, 10 March 2012

Take Care When Cutting Any Sealing Tape:

In the morning's post(mail) handed to me by a breathing semi living postman in a van who doesn't appreciate Dexter's machine gun barking, this cd. A response to the Dog - a follower's gift to me to replace the absent vinyl. ... I am touched. I am lifted. I am grateful to Marius Blankenburger the third for this gesture. Despite no comments there is life out there someone is watching.


  1. What a nice treat and what great records, I'm particularly fond of his Magnetic South & Loose Salute pairing. Yes, there is life out there, but i think you'd accept that yours is one of those blogs that make commenting a tricky thing!.. i guess that's why we like, and still follow it.
    I do often wonder how someone as talented, successful and admired as you can be so......erm....what's the right word?... oh, you know!
    It's a funny thing how, in the studio i share, your images from the back page of the Observer magazine, the 'doctor' ones, have stuck/ burned themselves into our minds. Maybe it was the fact that so many of them sat pinned in front of us for years! Things of beauty for sure. Anyway, we're out here looking in on the blog.

  2. Scott Garrett has managed to put in words that 'tricky' comment that us watchers wanted so much to say but were floundering over, including that extra tricky bit about how the talented Mr.Hughes can be know.
    Now we are all burning with curiosity about those 'doctor' images.

    Years ago I used to frantically google for David Hughes illustrations and I'd keep finding the website with those tiny little pictures. Then Flipkart came to India and I ordered The Hunchback. Then I found the blog...

  3. "Someone is watching". Sure am, David. Wouldn't miss it for the world.
    Love, Marius.

  4. What's the right word? A Dr Writes..............where's that prescription? It was the drugs.

  5. ... self-depreciating, grouchy and funny at the same time... is there a word for that?... doing a "Hughes"?